What photography style represents you? 

We approach a modern photojournalistic style but at the same time we bring a sophisticated touch. Our photographs tell about every small detail on the path of your story. However, we do not take the lead of your wedding, we are careful observers who capture real emotions from interesting perspectives. 

What types of albums do you offer? 

We use Graphic Studio and Leather Craftsmen wedding books. All the books are custom designed based on your own selection of images. The making of the album from scratch to the end is closely done in collaboration with our clients. 

How long until the images get to us? 

Our work frame time is between 6 to 8 weeks after the wedding. The process of selecting and editing your best pictures involves great care and attention and once the work is done, your photographs are uploaded on a password protected online account. 

Do you shoot alone or with an assistant? 

Your wedding can be photographed by one or two photographers based on your personal preferences. 

How do we book you? 

Our contact form includes the best ways to book us. We will collaborate with you so that we will be able to offer everything you are looking for . 

Can we meet with you before the wedding? 

I would love to meet with you when you first contact me so we can talk in more detail about your wedding plans and your wedding vision. If that's not possible due to the fact you live in a different part of the country a conference call can be arranged. Same is valid for the meeting scheduled before your wedding day. 

Do you photograph other events? 

I photograph on many different occasions, you name it and I will be there.: rehersal dinners, family events, engagement sessions, children’s portraits, business/personal portraits and other large parties. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional details.